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Mail in Ballots

Universal Mail  in Ballots is rife with problems.

  • Ballots should only be mailed to voters who request an Absentee Ballot. Then the Absentee Ballot is returned with the prescribed identification so that each ballot can be verified by the County Clerk as to who actually voted.
  • Universal Mail in Ballots do not take into account the number of voters at a particular address, or who is actually residing at a particular address.
  • Next, it makes it easier for someone with illegal intent to intercept the ballot and vote in place of the registered voter. 
  • It also does not take into account that a voter may choose to vote in person at a Doña Ana County Voter Convenience Center. A person should have the choice to vote in person or by Absentee Ballot.


The Doña Ana County Clerks Office should welcome Watchers and Challengers during every portion of the election process. When we are transparent, we can assure the public that we care that each portion of the election process is done properly and according to the New Mexico Election Code and Federal Guidelines.  Nothing should be done behind closed doors without oversight by the public. 

Voter ID

Requiring voter ID is essential in making elections more secure.  An ID verifies that the person signing in is  the actual person who is registered to vote. It protects each registered voter by making sure that they get to vote and no one steals their votes. Voter ID  gives the voters confidence that each election is run with integrity in mind. Even to board an airline or  get medical treatment, a pictured ID is required.

“Every vote should count – once.”

Cheryl De Young