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Cheryl De Young

I am a native to Las Cruces and educated in the public schools. I have two other brothers (Sam and Paul) and my parents were Jean and Grace LaChapelle. My husband of 49 years is Henry Young and we have three children and six grandchildren.


I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from PCBBC and have done graduate work in Public History at New Mexico State University (NMSU). While in graduate school, I served as a Graduate Senator, was the chair of two Senate Committees and Senate Pro Tempor. While an ASNMSU Senator, I wrote the ASNMSU Election Code to correct widespread problems with Student Elections. I received the Sam Steel Award for community service as a student at NMSU.


I was an educator for many years and usually taught multiple grades and subjects. I taught all subjects except physics, chemistry or calculus.


I was a Hall Manager with NMSU Housing over the Greek Complex and Regents Row Residence Hall. I oversaw the hiring process for student employees, assisted in training, supervised student employees, managed building maintenance and student discipline. I also handled conference scheduling.


I was the Community Living Services (CLS) Scheduling Supervisor and CLS Supervisor for Tresco, Inc. I oversaw employees, organized coverage for Special Olympics, scheduled trainings and led the CLS Department Orientation for all new employees. I also carefully handled documentation and the implementation of government rules concerning individuals who received the DD Waiver.


I served as the President, Vice President, Secretary and Board Member of the Las Cruces Senior Citizens Corporation. I served as the Vice Chair and Board Member of the Dona Ana County Senior Olympics. I serve on the Las Cruces Senior Programs Advisory Board representing the Benavidez Center and was the Chair in 2019. I am an active member of the Dona Ana County Election Advisory Counsel. I am a VRA registering many citizens so that they can vote. I volunteered with the Asylum Seekers with both the Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission (LCGRM) and Sierra Vista Community Church (SVCC). I also do other volunteer work training, teaching and mentoring at LCGRM.


I began working elections in California as the Presiding Judge. After returning to Las Cruces, I began working the county elections and worked as a clerk, judge and presiding judge. I worked the day of election and early election in multiple locations throughout Las Cruces.

My supervisory, election and training experience serve me well as a candidate for County Clerk. The handling of documentation and following the law are also good skills to possess. Most of all, integrity is important when processing documents and overseeing the proper administration of the New Mexico Election Code.